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How long should I book a treatment for?


This depends on what you want out of the treatment. How many parts of your body do you want treated? Generally, most people book for 45 or 60 minutes, but that being said, I can get a lot accomplished in 30 minutes. If you have time constraints and you have what you think is a minor issue, 30 minutes is fine. If you want a more relaxing experience, or you have multiple issues you want addressed an hour would be more appropriate.


How often should I come in?


Again, this is totally dependent on individual needs or desires. This is something I discuss with most of my patients on the first visit.


What should I wear?


I treat people that are totally clothed and I also treat people that wear nothing at all and lie under the sheets. I’m very competent with draping my clients, so if you choose to wear nothing (or just your underwear), only the body part that is being treated will be undraped. If you would rather wear clothes, athletic gear or loose fitting clothes are best. This gives the opportunity for freedom of movement without the worry of sheets getting in the way. However, if relaxation is your main goal then being unclothed or in underwear is the best choice.



Is it going to be painful?


The International Association for the Study of Pain defines pain as, “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage or described in terms of such damage.” With this definition in mind, specifically the “unpleasant” part, the answer to this question is no. Why would anyone come for an unpleasant experience? We have dentists for that. I do not subscribe to the theory of  “no pain, no gain.” That being said, there may be times when it, ‘hurts so good,’ as John Mellencamp so eloquently put it. I work within the patient’s tolerance and their comfort always remains my main focus. 

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